Hugh Nibley's Ancient Documents and the Pearl of Great Price PDF

By Hugh Nibley

Dr. Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of historic scriptures at Brigham younger college, gave the next twenty-six lectures in an honors classification at the Pearl of serious fee. This type was once videotaped within the Maesar development in the course of wintry weather semester 1986 and the textual content was once then transcribed and is integrated the following during this ebook.

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When a man dies that is the end thereof, and all of Korihor's mischief evolves from that. Well, Clement didn't want to misbehave. " he says. Then he decided that he would go to Egypt. He had money, so he went to Egypt. And then he decided to make friends with the hierants and the prophets in the temples there and go around and inquire. They would be perfectly willing for money to do something for him. They were very indigent in the temples at that time. He would pay them to invite some spirit from the other world and then he would know that there is something hereafter.

Because they had removed all those parts. It all comes back to us now in these later documents, you see, what he was trying to supplant. But that isn't the big thing now; that isn't the thing we value the Pearl of Great Price for. What is this big brouhaha, the scientific one, that has come forth? It burst out with particular fury in 1859 and after. That's when The Origin of the Species was published, and from then on to this very day, that has been the big issue. Why? Again because precious things have been taken out of the scriptures.

It's a contradiction of terms to say an invisible image. Behind the veil of allegory is where they have lived ever since. Joseph Smith came along and gave us a very different story. , just like the first chapter of Luke. Well, there was a limit here. Allegory could not explain what we have mentioned before, the terrible questions. We go to the first volume of the Patrologia for that. What made them terrible was the insistence on a literal answer. You have to give me a straight, literal answer to this.

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