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Download e-book for kindle: American Signatures: Semiotic Inquiry and Method (Oklahoma by Thomas A. Sebeok

By Thomas A. Sebeok

ISBN-10: 0806123109

ISBN-13: 9780806123103

ISBN-10: 0806123559

ISBN-13: 9780806123554

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255 paper again publication on Semiotic Inquiry.

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Bonfire names a sight, and melody a sound. If these words possessed no other signification, we should immediately understand that the import of bonfire must ever be unknown to the blind, and the import of melody to the deaf. But these words, and nearly all others, possess a further signification: they name words also. This is an important distinction, and till you understand it, you will be liable to delusion" (Johnson 1947:149150). The first American grand master of the realm of the "unverbal," Garrick Mallery (18311894), happened likewise to be a jurist (admitted to the bar in Philadelphia in 1853), who thereafter made an illustrious career as a gallant soldier until disability from wounds received in the Civil War caused his retirement from the army in < previous page page_27 next page > < previous page page_28 next page > Page 28 1879.

6). Mallery's thinking, like his nomenclature, is permeated with a fine semiotic sensibility, but the sources of both are still shrouded in mystery. Since the twenty-four parts of William Dwight Whitney's < previous page page_29 next page > < previous page page_30 next page > Page 30 The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia (CD), for which we know Peirce wrote numerous entries, and where the very form semiotics is well attested, began appearing only in 1889 (see Whitney 1891, pt. 19, p. 5,486), I can but hazard the following guesssubject to refutation if eventual research in military history fails to bear it outas to Mallery's use of semiotics: that, in the course of his protracted service in the Signal Service Bureau, he might have become inured to the military use of this term.

The boundaries of the United States are of course far more permeable than most. Roman Jakobson and a throng of other academics, myself included, were trained, more or less, in other conventions, and worked for a varying number of years in foreign parts. S. semiotics are thus many, and its potency radiates all over the world. The ongoing dialectic between the local and the global must be borne constantly in mind lest this story turn into distasteful fiction. The expression "Anglo-Saxon semioticians," on occasion set off against "structuralist semioticians" (Harland 1987:4), and at other times against "Continental semioticians," is a bogus opposition, bordering on racism, to which Jakobson's cosmopolitan career stands not alone in giving the lie.

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American Signatures: Semiotic Inquiry and Method (Oklahoma Project for Discourse and Theory) by Thomas A. Sebeok

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