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Barbara Bigelow's American Revolution: primary sources PDF

By Barbara Bigelow

ISBN-10: 0787637904

ISBN-13: 9780787637903

A suite of annotated records in terms of the yankee Revolution, together with speeches, autobiographical textual content, and proclamations.

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In turn, the customs officers found their own boat set on fire. As tempers flared, Governor Bernard suspended the Massachusetts Assembly in June 1768. From London came orders to British general Gage to move some of his soldiers from New York to Boston. On October 1, the British Army took control of Boston Common. With British soldiers camped on Boston’s doorstep, the spirit of defiance spread. One by one, nearly every assembly expressed its approval of the Massachusetts Circular Letter and was suspended.

But within a dozen years, the loyal and admiring colonists turned into freedom fighters, seeking total independence from Britain. The French and Indian War was a long and expensive ordeal for the British. They believed they won the war singlehandedly, because they had no respect for the untrained American soldiers who had fought by their side, and they saw the American contribution as minimal. Their contempt was reinforced when angry Indians on the western frontier (the territory west of the Allegheny Mountains, won from France) rebelled against years of being cheated by colonial traders and rose up in Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763.

From the Declaratory Act Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), sixty years old in 1765 and internationally known as a scientist, inventor, and writer, was in London at the time everyone there was discussing colonial fury over the Stamp Act. At first he had been in favor of complying with the act, but in September 1765, a vengeful mob in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, nearly destroyed 19 Franklin’s home. Soon after that, he set to work convincing his friends in Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act. In January 1766, members of Parliament debated repeal of the Stamp Act.

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American Revolution: primary sources by Barbara Bigelow

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