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~1 admissible epimorphism sufficiently large n with Pc (depending on ~1). e. objects P T-acyclic objects Assume that for every object Ti ( P) = 0 V i).

I u : 0 __,. ~~ in Q y. M in cc B Q~. == q~qMo in Q'( , ~;e have a From the diagram, we also I i! 0 q~l ' and namely By definition the composite M''! corresponding to the diagram I q~1 i~l! o iM'! and I the shaded triangles commute: The shaded triangles give that in fact I I qM' . ,M in I q. o iM"!. qr-i

-------? __ > M such that M'~M ~ M"~o is exact.

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Algebraic K-Theory by V. Srinivas (auth.)

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