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Download e-book for kindle: Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918 by Martin O'Connor

By Martin O'Connor

ISBN-10: 0912173033

ISBN-13: 9780912173030

This e-book is the results of decades of non-public study and several other journeys abroad by way of Marty OConnor, and culminated in what's arguably the definitive paintings with reference to Austro-Hungarian aces. The writing during this ebook is neither eloquent nor poetic, however the details is useful. OConnor provides a biographical define of every ace recognized in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, together with the variety of victories (and the victory lists of a number of significant aces), any own history on hand at the pilot in query and as a lot postwar details as attainable. the place no info exists relating to things like a pilots birthplace, photograph, or postwar profession, OConnor particularly makes be aware of it so the reader is left with out query marks. numerous appendices hint very important info similar to destinations of airfields, maps of conflict parts and colour schemes of many aces planes.

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A high court judge, López Medel had served in the audiencias (appellate courts) of Santo Domingo, Guatemala, and New Granada (modern Colombia) in the 1540s and ‘50s, and he knew the Indies well. Influenced by the writings of Las Casas in defense of the native peoples and by his own humanistic readings, López Medel became an ardent believer in Spain’s civilizing mission and a critic of Spanish exploitation of the Indians. On return to Spain from service in America, he entered the clergy, and was then nominated (but did not serve) as bishop of Guatemala.

84 The playwright Calderón de la Barca used the terms “tempest “(tempestad) and “earthquake” (terremoto) interchangeably to describe a Mediterranean storm in his play The Prince of Fez (1668). ”85 But the confusion of terminology does not provide a satisfactory explanation of the misperception of the sometimes-Â�simultaneous occurrence of earthquakes and hurricanes. Many early accounts of the storms, especially by people who lived through them, suggest that winds and earthquakes were simultaneous, and such claims were made as well in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

49 Such traditions also easily crossed the supposed divide between learned and popular cultures. 50 Columbus late in life presented himself as a simple mariner whose project, scoffed at by learned men, had been born of his observations and experience inspired by the Holy Spirit. He insisted: “In my own experience, I have met a simple villager who could explain the sky and stars and their movements better than those who paid their money to learn those things. ” God revealed his plan through both scripture and experience, even to the humble, in fact to all mankind.

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Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918 by Martin O'Connor

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