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Read e-book online Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces, Proceedings of PDF

By Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers

ISBN-10: 069108081X

ISBN-13: 9780691080819

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An additional problem was created at Hawthorn by an inbuilt 'bottleneck' in the balance of provision. The age distribution of children in nurseries does not, of course, remain static, and as those in the ten full day care places for younger children reached the age of three, they obviously increased the pressure on the equally limited number of such places for the older age group. This problem was frequently dealt with by 'transferring' these children to full-time nursery school places. Althougn such a step would not be taken if a child was considered 'at risk', the prime motivation was c1early a response to structural constraints rather than to changes in the needs or wishes of the families concerned.

2). Three quarters of the mothers at the Chestnut centre on the other hand c1aimed that the hours had been suggested by the centre head or, in one case, the referring social worker. 3). All ofthe small group (n = 12) of mothers who expressed dissatisfaction with the place obtained would have preferred their child to attend the nursery for a longer time each day. All but two had children in part-time places and some, particularly at the Hawthorn centre, were somewhat resentfully aware that they were not 'eligible' for full-time provision: 42 Combined Nursery Centres I've a welfare worker and if I told her I couldn't cope they'd be in [fuH-time] tomorrow, but I don't think you should bave to do this.

4). Tbis latter group was particularly large at the Hawthorn and Willow centres, where many mothers, aware of the long waiting list for nursery school places bad 'put their child 's name down' weH in advance of bis or her third birthday. 5). This group contained a relatively high proportion (43 per cent) who bad waited a year or more and had experienced problems of finance, of making adequate alternative arrangements for substitute care or of coping with disturbed and difficult children. It should be emphasised, of course, that such problems, created by pressures on limited provision, are in no way confined to combined centres .

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Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces, Proceedings of the 1969 Stony Brook Conference by Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers

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