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At labhete 10. bala narah. am a
svam vahatah. d Translate the following sentences into Sanskrit: 1. The man stands and the girl speaks. 2. You two lead the horse and I take the fruit. 3. The man and the girl go among the trees by horse. 4. We two take the man and the girl from the tree to the horse. 5. . 6. . 7. The horse carries the tree to the girl for the man. 8. The man leads the horse by means of fruit. 9.  to the girls for the man. 10.  from the tree. A We have examined how to write a consonant that is followed by any vowel, now we consider how to write a consonant that is followed by no vowel at all.

Thereafter it is just a matter of applying the principles, and you will nd that, in practice, it is a lot simpler than it looks. A 55 The symbol k ka may be compressed to K , or even further to M , for example: k, + k *: kka k, + ta P kta The symbol Za is often written as  or  in combination, for example: Z,a + va ;a or ;a or Zva sva Z,a + . ca sca The same group of symbols can be found in di erent forms: V,a + . a or Vca k, + t,a + va n~ca Q or tva :p,a + l :p; or :pl pla . c,a + . ca Sa or .

Ya. e. : . . pa pha ba bha ma ya ra la va ... man `heated'. a half-contact, which allows a restricted hissing ow of breath through the mouth. a. a like the `sh' in `ship' or `wish', and sa like the sibilant in the German `ich'. These sound analogies are given as a very rough guide: the description given above, and the mouth position in particular, are to be taken as authoritative. In theory, there are two more sibilants, called the jihvamul ya and upadhman ya, which are described as a `half-visarga' before ka kha and pa pha respectively.

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