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Ofelia Zepeda's A Papago Grammar PDF

By Ofelia Zepeda

ISBN-10: 0816507805

ISBN-13: 9780816507801

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3. a. Huhu'id 'o g ban VERB AUX SUBJECT Ban 'o b. SUBJECT c. Cu:wî OBJECT AUX OBJECT e. Cu:wî OBJECT OBJECT huhu'id. VERB 'o huhu'id g ban. AUX d. ^ VERB g cu:wî SUBJECT g ban. The coyote is/was • chasing the jackrabbit. AUX OBJECT SUBJECT 'o g ban huhu'id. AUX SUBJECT VERB The following examples give all the other possible word orders for sentence (2): 4. a. Nu:kud 'o VERB AUX g 'ali g cehia. OBJECT SUBJECT 32 LESSON 2 b. Cehia SUBJECT c. 'Ali OBJECT 'o AUX e. 'Ali OBJECT VERB 'o nu:kud g cehia.

4. 5. 6. 7. You are working and I am just talking. We are working and you are just talking. I was working and you and Mary were just talking. Those girls are working and you and I are just talking. They are working here and the doctors are working over there. 8. We are working and Mary and the boys are just talking. D. For native speakers only. Make up at least five sentences with natural word orders and natural conjunction forms. In the sentences that you make up, do you find any new elements that we have not discussed yet?

Themselves. 'E-hu:kajid 'o. 4. a. Cogs 'o 'e-huksan. b. 'E-hukşan 'o g gogs. 5. a. Ceoj 'o 'e-ka:. b. 'E-ka: 'o g ceoj. The dog is/was scratching itself. The boy is/was hearing himself. 6. a. A:cim 'ac t-e'enigadad. b. T-e'enigadad 'ac a:cim. c. T-e'enigadad 'ac. 7. a. 'Ali 'o 'e-hikck. b. 'E-hikck 'o g 'ali. We are /were getting dressed. The child is/was cutting himself. lagkon. I The children are/were drying 8. a. 'A'al 'o 'e-dadagkon. b. 'E-dadagkon 'o g 'a'al. J themselves. 9. a. 'U'uwi 'o 'e-e'eiiigadad.

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