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A Net of Fireflies: Japanese Haiku and Haiku Paintings - download pdf or read online

By Harold Stewart

ISBN-10: 0804818940

ISBN-13: 9780804818940

A hundred and eighty web page demanding conceal booklet of Haiku poems and work. released via Charles E. Tuttle corporation in a primary version present ebook in 1993.

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The court has already created an ofÀce of missions in order to bring the hearts of the people to believe one doctrine by spreading it throughout the realm. This Missionary OfÀce (senkyÔshi) preaches the Divine teaching. Whoever preaches the divine doctrine is thus the representative of the gods (kami no myÔdai), and must take the gods’ hearts as his own and be one with the gods. If this missionary were to debate with a foreign teacher and fail (oyobazaru koto aru toki wa), where will the fault lie?

25. , p. 26. 61 Shrine registration and Shinto funerals were the bureaucratic and ritual expressions of the Missionary OfÀce’s program to “convert” the populace to a reinvigorated form of Shinto and hence safeguard them from the imagined allure of Christianity. The Missionary OfÀce’s efforts in Nagasaki were undercut, however, by the changing concerns in the capital. 63 The fundamental shift undercutting the mandate to propagate a “great doctrine,” however, concerned the content of such a doctrine and how it would deÀne the nature of imperial authority.

3–4. 24 The forceful consolidation of the Shinto pantheon beneath a supreme sun goddess, as advocated by the Tsuwano school and others, implied the forcible redeÀnition, exclusion, or termination of myriad spiritual practices observed by the population at large. It required, in other words, an active intervention into the ritual practices and doctrinal beliefs of the populace. Theological differences within the Ministry of Rites and the state’s need to address far more pressing military, political, and Àscal challenges, however, meant that propagating a new “restored” national faith did not immediately rank as a high policy priority.

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A Net of Fireflies: Japanese Haiku and Haiku Paintings by Harold Stewart

by Charles

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