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Download e-book for kindle: 1984 (Cliffs notes) by F. Thompson

By F. Thompson

ISBN-10: 0822008998

ISBN-13: 9780822008996

ISBN-10: 0822071444

ISBN-13: 9780822071440

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Later, Winston attempts to train himself in the process of doublethink. Though he has been unable to preserve his mind from change by the Party, he believes, even as he tries to master doublethink, that he can keep his heart and spirit free. Room 101 changes that. The rats that O'Brien uses to move Winston past learning and understanding toward acceptance and love symbolize all that he fears most. Earlier in the novel, with Julia in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, Winston had been horrified by rats.

She demonstrates to Winston with the warmth of her own body her unthinking conviction that they are far from dead. She has hope. And she tries to teach Winston to hope or at least to believe in some kind of possible future. But Julia lives from day to day, from sexual encounter to sexual encounter. She is not concerned with the kinds of ideas that trouble Winston. She is concerned with the immediate causes of living, not with the abstract causes of dying. She would have committed the act of murder which Winston in his more thoughtful way was unable to commit.

His position as a member of the Party should make him exalted, but, in fact, he has the least freedom of all. Orwell does not do this out of coincidence; he deliberately establishes the drastic differences in ideas and ideals between life in Oceania and life in postwar England. Winston is meant to be very much like us; we instinctively like him. He represents our own feelings and experiences, he responds, feels and acts as we should, and his destruction is something painful to behold because his destruction could be our own destruction.

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1984 (Cliffs notes) by F. Thompson

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