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New PDF release: 11 September and its Aftermath: The Geopolitics of Terror

By Stanley D Brunn

ISBN-10: 0714655724

ISBN-13: 9780714655727

@text: during this booklet, a global staff of political geographers and political scientists research the impression of eleven September 2001 on international guidelines and diplomacy. The authors draw from numerous various views to debate Amer

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As Neil Smith observed, the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were symbols of global economic and military power, albeit power Copyright © 2004 Frank Cass & Co. 3 This militarism in turn relates to our third theme of a relative shift in ideology from global neo-liberalism towards neo-conservatism. These related shifts suit the United States inasmuch as it is currently unrivalled and unchallengeable in a uni-polar world as far as military capability is concerned, whereas in terms of civil power the world is decidedly multi-polar, with the European Union for instance now on a similar economic footing to the United States.

Nuremberg established the precedent of individual responsibility for actions undertaken even under the justification of superior orders or operational necessity and extended the international regulation of violence into the shielded realm of state ‘domestic’ jurisdiction—the use of violence by states against those within their boundaries. The creation of the category of crimes against humanity entailed recognition of the breakdown of traditional distinctions between soldiers and civilians and between war and crime.

Ltd Just as the identities of subjects were manipulated by kings to sanctify the state, so today do mullahs manipulate identities to undermine the states in which they reside. Recent decades have witnessed the decoupling of citizen from other identities like those based on religion, owing to state fragmentation and ‘neo-tribalism’. In large areas of the world, identities and loyalties that colonial authorities and commissars suppressed are resurfacing, often making a mockery of sovereign boundaries.

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11 September and its Aftermath: The Geopolitics of Terror by Stanley D Brunn

by James

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